Saturday, August 20, 2005

Blue Skies and Sunshine

Late summer is really one of the better times. Right now it is a balmy 75F and the sky is about as blue as you can hope for. The boys and I are going to walk down to the saturday market and pick up the vegetables for a couple of days (not to mention donuts for the wee ones) and then maybe plan to do something else.

Maybe tomorrow we will go up and visit Cyndi..bring here some needed supplies for a broken foot. That will get us out and get the boys into the sunshine.

Today after the walkabout and other, need to get down to the normal day to day of keeping up the house. Not that it is really all that bad, but entropy sets in quickly and constant care must be taken to keep it at bay.

Went down to the market and bought vegetables. Great stuff. The funniest thing that I saw was a pasty faced white boy earnestly asking a Mexican woman who was running one of the stands "do you speak english". Maybe I am being harsh on the pathetic dweeb, but what the hell kind of liberal backside bigot assumes that because a person has browner skin than him is obviously "not properly American". Yes the woman spoke excellent english and he is still an asshole.

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