Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pathos in the Traders Lounge

The saddest thing about staying in the Shangri-La chain is the businessmen that constitute the bulk of their clientele.

View from the Lounge at Traders
The view from my watering hole in Sodom

I usually just hang out in my corner and read the paper. These guys come in in their starched, buttoned down grandeur and glare at me for not really being in uniform. They talk of sales and marketing, never realizing that they don't really make anything, they just hawk someone else's wares.

I am beginning to feel the deep-seated loathing of the Bourgeoisie. I am comfortable with the workers, I like the technocrats, I can even live with academics, but the grasping, self-important, greed driven marketing trash need to go up against the wall.

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