Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thoughts on security

We (The Boomers) are the generation that praises security above all things. We have defined ourselves as so precious that we chickened out of the any war that looked like we might have to commit something beyond our words to. We created the all-volunteer army so that we could send the poor and the ethnic out to do our dirty work for us.

Our lives have been a continuous effort to make sure that we have every material comfort. We worship at the altars of Martha Stewart consumption and Oprah Winfrey self-absorption to create a frankenstein monster steeped in pathos.

Our 401-K's are the touchstone of our existence. "Will there be enough money for my golfing and my travelling to distract me from the fact that I led a shallow life of not enough?"

We threw away any relationship with God. When we finally decided that we needed something like this, we found it in a Mega-Church parking lot with the rest of the SUV's and a slick preacher telling us that God will love us because we are Americans and good people.

But friends, the world is on to us. They have been feeding us for years and now they will want their share. Their share will come out of what we consider our share.

And we will never be ruthless enough to stop it.

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