Sunday, June 24, 2007

Guess that I was a little crabby yesterday

Sometimes it happens. But today is allright. I do really get sick of the boomers. They are so greedy and so grasping and so grasshopper instead of ant it is just absurd.

The hard part is going to be their desire to vote themselves the things that they think that they deserve is going to grow and grow over the next twenty years. Old folk always vote...The legislative branch is terrified of the current social security parasites, just wait until the greedy boomers get hold of the social security system and benefits. There will be an orgy of blood sucking that will make a lamprey look like a piker.

I think that I will just lay low and try to create a personal space that uses as little as possible and is maintainable as I can make it. Start changing my lifestyle now and see how long I can make it without being a burden.

I really do not want to cripple my kid's opportunity for my own shallow desires. But at the risk of sounding self righteous, that appears to be the exception rather tan the rule.

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