Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Keeping this thing going is a bit of a pain

Sweet, Sweet unemployment.

The world is turning around and now that I have the time to consider the world around me in some kind of depth. With my luck someone will offer me a job and cut short my ability to sit down and do some serious thinking.

Right now, the world seems to be in a position where everyone is lining up at the edge of a cliff getting ready to jump lemming-like into the abyss. Everything seems to be pointing to an upcoming bad spell, but everyone has been so busy playing grasshopper instead of ant that any mention of the possibility of a diminishing lifestyle is met with cold angry stares.

Consider the news yesterday, the news services trumpeted a "major find" for an oil exploration in Ghana, yet when you spend a little time looking, even at the upper end of the estimated capacity (call it 600 million barrels), when you look at it and divide that number by the 80 million barrels a day that the world is using you get 7.5 days of oil. This is a Major find?

Peak oil and the need to look seriously about the world's (and especially the US and Europe) lifestyle is being systematically ignored. Nobody wants to hear it. I just wonder how long we can keep our fingers in our ears and humming the la-la-la tune?

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