Friday, June 29, 2007

This is truly sad

The idea of living alone and apart is as American as apple pie. Daniel Boone was said to have moved when he was able to see the smoke from a neighbors chimney.

This must be the saddest and most pathetic pathology in our country. The fact that we want to go it alone. Now the saddest and most pathetic of these are starting to show their ugly little heads.

So here is how I see it; A retired worker from Boeing, who prostituted himself for his whole life to a transnational, making jetliners which suck oil and probably driving his pickup truck lives a lifestyle which steals from future generations. He then goes and finds and unspoiled section and plops his nasty old ass in the middle of it and forbids the world to enter.

Fuck you pal.

You and your whole self-serving generation (along with the boomers that followed you) are the problem. You have taken far more than your share, and left the dregs for the future generations. Now you want to stop the world so that you can spend your self-absorbed remainder of life in denial of your sins.

Fuck you

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