Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gotta figure out planting tomatoes

Well, all the tomatoes are dead...They were spindly to begin with and now they are all desiccated little memories. Sigh, now I have to go and try to find some plants instead. I'd wander down to the farmers market, but the city has arranged for it to be a magnet for dumbass yuppies with too much money to burn, so the prices are ridiculous.

The rest of the garden is doing reasonably well, the carrots are being slow, but that is just the way it is. The potatoes are coming in well and I will be adding a second tire to the stacks soon. I think that I will try to grow the potatoes in straw as I mound them up.

Today will be the day that the boys will be learning to weed the garden. I hope that the death toll is not too high. I shy away from the temptation to to spout the dreaded "when I was your age line", but it comes close sometimes. If I talk honestly with my mom, she reminds me that I was much the same way and from her experience, boys are genetically predisposed to running around like maniacs and avoiding all possible instances of work.

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