Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Grey Men

The group of folks that will have the most problem in the world to be will be the grey men that inhabit corporate America. Good little boy who have spent the last 25 years of their lives toiling for their corporate master and waiting expectantly for their "Golden Years" reward of golf and loafing.

Bummer for them dude. They will be finding out soon just how much store the big corporations put into the promises of a happy retirement that they handed out so freely. What we will have is a group of sad, pathetic losers who donated the best years of their lives on an IOU that no one has any intention of honoring. They will be sixty year old men with few prospects, a social security card, a bunch of shattered illusions, and not really that much they can do about it.

You gotta remember that revolution is a young mans game. The youngsters will be sharpening their knives when they found out how bad they have been screwed, they are going to have a completely different set of goals than protecting the grey men's constitutional right to 18 holes a day.

Good luck man, you and all of your excess baggage are going to have a hell of a time of it.

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