Thursday, May 15, 2008

Local Government

I think that when things start getting shaky, it will be interesting to watch the actions of local governments in the US. For the most part, these are pretty good folks, they are worried about the things that really matter like police and fire, water and sewer, and sweeping the streets.

The fall will be hard on them, but I think that this is where you will see both the best and the worst of America. Some of these folks have no tools to do the job and will be miserable failures. These will be the folks that ensconced themselves in order to help their development companies grow the useless subdivisions and strip mall that ate their farmlands.

Some will grow into the job, and "get 'er done". They will have a rough row to hoe and will probably have a pretty good reason to be proud of themselves.

Some will shine.

But at the change, these are the folks who will husband us through the change. The state capitals will be worse than useless. I predict that most of their time will be spent trying to reclaim their perquisites and serving the corporations who have no intention letting off the butt-fucking of the American people.

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