Saturday, May 24, 2008

An old story

I regularly read some "prepper" blogs and enjoy them greatly. Sometimes they go a little farther than I would go, but who is to say that they are wrong?

The way you look at TEOTWAWKI is critical to your survival I think. Things are going to get hairy, but that has been true of any interregnum. I personally enjoy Dmitry Orlov's take on the whole thing. The Soviet Union took a hit a Russia is a smaller, more dangerous place than it once was, but it is getting better and it is far more democratic that the Soviet Union it replaced. What most folks forget is that we have seen this movie before and most of the players get through. Most of us will get by in the next twenty years, but the world and the USA will be greatly changed.

So, continue to prep, but remember that the purpose of the prepping is to rebuild. The preparations that you make are not just so that you spend the remaining days of your life peering down a gunsight at the looters, but rather, they are to rebuild a system that is capable of thriving in a changed world.

Prepare for the coming fall. Be a good neighbor. Learn a useful craft. Grow a garden. Give to charity. Buy a bum a drink.

Prep for what you want the world to become and start working for it now.

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