Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What to do with the Boomers

The six-hundred pound gorilla in the room is the 7o million or so boomers that are infesting the culture. Probably more than any cohort in the history of the country, this self-absorbed and demanding group will do everything that they can to suck the remaining marrow out of the American economy in order to provide for the overstuffed retirements that they feel are their right.

It will never occur to them that theirs is the generation that engineered Enron, the dot-com crash, and the housing boom. They are the generation that presided over the gutting and outsourcing of America and the systematic underfunding of everything you can think of for the rights to lower taxes and marble countertops.

A great first step to the healing of America would be to let this mass of narcissistic vomit sway in the breeze. They have done nothing exceptionally telling in their lives, let them continue to work until they get it right. Let them work until the social security fund is paid off and fixed. Raise their taxes until the national debt is paid down. They ran the society in a manner that they took the good shit and stiffed the kids with the bill and now they are bankrupt. They need to keep working to help us get out of this mess.

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