Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who do we think we are

We have a problem defining who we are here in America.  We tend to idealize our past and ourselves. We think we descended from the folks coming over on the Mayflower, when there is a better chance we descended from an indentured servant transported for theft.   We claimed manifest destiny to civilize the continent but slaughted anything between us and what we wanted.  We won WWII through the valiant efforts of Patton, McArthur, and Eisenhower, but the main thing we did is made sure the Russians had plenty of bullets to kill Germans.

Look at us now. We are shocked and aghast when Belichik cheats at a stupid game, but Mozillo and his ilk steal 100 million or so and they are captains of industry.

We gotta get our shit together. 

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