Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back from moralizing

One of the things that I think you have to do is start looking at your use of disposables.

I was doing a quick clean up this morning and grabbed a spray bottle of windex and a handful of paper towels and started wiping the counters down. That is what started this particular tirade. Geez Louise, there is a means of doing this that is just as cost effective and won’t be an ongoing cost in consumables.

So...on the phone with Mom, and the response I got was less than flattering to my intelligence and general work ethic. Seems she has been considering me a wasteful spendthrift for quite some time now, and that it is about time that I started thinking about my profligate ways.

Windows get watched with newspaper and vinegar, floors and such got cleaned with Pine-sol or ammonia, if you were cleaning the food prep area you used plain old clorox water. Brooms and mops you could clean and wash were preferred. Old clothes that could not be repaired any further became the cleaning rags.

One of the most important things that you can do in hard times is to maintain cleanliness. We have a tendency to go the easy-sleazy way and use the fancy, expensive aids, but in the cold times, we will have to revert to the practical and cheap. Make sure that your preps include the basics:

  1. Clorox (a couple of big bottles)

  2. Pine Sol (Costco sells the industrial size)

  3. Ammonia (good luck finding this is a decent size...I am still looking)

  4. A couple gallons of vinegar

  5. start storing up the “elbow grease”

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