Saturday, June 14, 2008

Driving is hell

Finally got here after 14 hours in the car. Driving 55 has financial advantages, but you are in the car a lot longer. My old man knees spent yesterday telling me about my foolishness driving that long a distance.

Anyway, the thing that I was thinking about yesterday is the "open carry" idea. At first, I thought to myself that this was a great idea. After mature reflection, I am not so sure.

When you carry a weapon, it is saying loud and proud that you have no problem using it. I have no problem with that idea on its face, and the second amendment guarantees that right. But as a tactical decision, it may not be in your best interests. I feel that open carry in an urban environment would be especially dicey. Unless you constantly maneuvered keep ample space to react, the visible weapon would only serve as a too obvious reminder that you are an important target.

In an urban environment concealed is the way to go. If current levels of law enforcement and crime hold, I doubt if a gun is currently necessary (though I am an advocate of knives and my heavy duty walking stick). If things get worse, I am considering the idea of a non-permitted concealment, because I see no need to draw the man's attention to myself as part and parcel of the permitting process.

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