Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The new tent cities that are beginning to crop up are especially interesting to me. You don't hear of these too much in the US media, but the foreign media are reporting on them.

This media disconnect is especially telling, I am nearly certain that the mainstream US media (MSM) is deliberately suppressing the severity of the current situation. This is probably on orders from the corporate oligarchy that is currently running the country and who also own the MSM. We won't see anything on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or any of the large corporate whorehouses. But I am intrigued that some of the smaller newspapers are beginning to report on the issue.

As the liar loan recipients are forced out of their properties, these modern Hoovervilles will grow, at first, they will probably be suppressed, but when folks start losing their homes in the coming economic downturn they will head to these areas and join in. I think that these places will turn very ugly, very quickly. I wonder just how the Guv'mint will deal with it.

Stay clear of these folks. If you gotta cut and run, keep away from these. If you go here, you will be painting a big bright target on your back.

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Mayberry said...

No joke. This is just one group of many who will be herded to the camps. And of course the media won't report on this. Big Brother wants to keep the picture as rosy as possible for as long as possible, to milk the Ponzi scheme for all it's worth.