Friday, June 20, 2008


I think that one of the most important things you can prep is the information needed to get things after the fall. Let's face it folks, Safeway just isn't going to cut it here.

Create a map of resources in your area. I live in a smallish city, and there are a buttload of resources here that might be able to help you in the process. Feral fruit trees or fruit trees owned by little old ladies are bountiful. Swap the little old lady some canned fruit for the right to pick the fruit and you are on to something.

Also, go talk to the folks at your local Mormon ward and make friends. These folks have been prepping as a culture for well over a century, they can provide valuable information and if you treat them like humans (which they are). Granted, they will try to convert you, but hell, every other religion tries too, who is to say they shouldn't have a chance.

Find the local itty-bitty ethnic markets.....Asian, Indian, Mexican, etc. Make purchases here and be friendly. Most of these markets run on a shoestring and have distribution systems separate from the big box stores. If they know you and have seen you before, you might be able to get some supplies from them.

I think that the biggest tendency in preppers is to get everything into a big pile, sit on top of it, and wait for the shit to end. Let's face it folks, as soon as things settle down a little, you had better be out there foraging for stuff. It will make your preps last longer and the act of foraging/shopping/intelligence gathering will keep you ahead of the game.


Mayberry said...

Good idea!

riverwalker said...

Being observant of what is available is an important part of being prepared.

Bustednuckles said...

I just now noticed you are in Vancouver also. been right in front of my face and I just noticed it!
Right on, you have a great site.