Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keeping a low profile

One of the nice things about the blogs for preppers is finally having a chance to talk with someone about it. You see, I grew up in Utah (Since I have a beer in my hand, it is safe to assume I am not a Mormon), and in Utah, you can talk freely about your preps, because the Mormons that constitute around 60-65% have prepping as part of their lifestyle.

But out here in Gentile country (In Utah this reads Non-Mormon), prepping is a thing of the fringe, and my old joke that was funny while I was in Utah is no longer funny.

"Why do I need food storage, I have a gun and I know where my nearest Mormon lives."

Now I am a prepper, and as I stand here thinking about the future, I am thinking that I am not going to go out of my way to tell folks about my stash. In Utah, it was part and parcel of everyday life, most people were prepped and there were no worries in talking about it.

Here and now, no one is prepped, the just in time deliveries to the grocery stores leave not too much for the lumpenproletariat when TSHTF and now the stuff in my basement becomes valuable and interesting to the hungry folk. So it is best that no one knows about it and it stays that way. I would recommend that all of you do the same.


Mayberry said...

I'm definitely keepin' a lid on my preps. Friends and family only. Wish I had a basement, but when yer 15 feet above sea level.....

Marine 83 said...

One thing I have noticed about Mormons who prep... they all have guns as well. They also tend to have tight knit communities even when not in Utah, so you wont fight just one. Makes much more sense (as anyone who is reading this should know) to be prepared in your own right. Might even make sense to be on good terms with the Mormons.