Friday, June 6, 2008

Now this I like

Foreclosure Nation: Squatters or Pioneers?

I love the way that the country has been an incredible collection of dumb-asses for the past 8 years. The banks and mortgage companies and homebuilders have taken off and built way too many big, shitty homes and people will be leaving them in droves as they start defaulting on their mortgages.

A portion of the blame has to be placed at the folks who took out the loans, but for my money, the bulk of the blame has to be heaped on the banks and Wall street. The greedy bastards did everything to line their pockets. I say up against the wall with the whole lot.

These folks here are doing the sensible thing. They need a home and living on the street while a goddamn bank squats on an empty property is just plain silly. This has my wholehearted approval.

Good job.

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