Thursday, June 5, 2008

What do we do when....

Think about the conversation that we have been having here, me doing most of the babbling, you guys being kind enough to check in and read what I am thinking that day. The act is mediated by some pretty amazing pieces of technology.
  • The computer you are sitting in front of is a high tech marvel.
  • The phone/DSL/cable line that you access the information through is pretty amazing in and of itself, sitting on top of a network of supercomputers.
  • The Google infrastructure where all of this resides and is mediated for us.
So, if TSHTF, just how much use will these pretty gee-gaws be to us. The computer itself will remain in place, but as a old man user from prior to the internet, the technology itself is boring without the internet to deliver the world to you. Without your spiffy connection to the rest of the world, the beast with the keyboard is fairly boring.

So, what do we do here? We are all looking for ways to survive a serious change. What other options are available to us when the local connection, last mile of service goes down?

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Mayberry said...

It will come back down to actually talking with your neighbors, and news being carried by travellers. Maybe relayed some by solar powered CB radios, possibly VHF as the governing bodies collapse. VHF has a much greater range than CB, about 25 miles line of sight versus maybe 10 for CB (unmodified). Once the FCC is out of the picture, I reckon VHF might become the communication vehicle of choice. Easily powered by 12 volts, solar charged, and much better than CB. Ham radio will have it's place as well, but VHF is much cheaper, and portable.