Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blind Faith

The other night Mayberry had a great little set of comments about the trolls of the world.

The thing that kinda bothered me was the flames that spewed when the mousie made some rather unfortunate comments about our "Owed Allegiance". Needless to say, he was shouted down rather vehemently.

We might want to think about this behavior. If we can get one person won over to prepping...even something as simple as getting someone to put some food aside will be one less needy person we will have to deal with later.

So, maybe, just maybe, we should give the mousies once screw up with kindness. Try to engage him and bring him over to the light side. Now, if he continues being a screw up, he should be flamed to a crisp. But if a guy is reading our blogs, he might be thinking things aren't that good. He might be able to be reached by common sense.


Marine 83 said...

I read that as well. Just as an observation I strongly suspect mousie does not have the benefit of english as a first language. This might explain a devotion to the government which is a bit excesive. Just a thougt. said...

It is difficult for people to change long held beliefs even in the face of overwhelming evidence. But once they "see" they often become the staunchest supporters of the new view.

Mayberry said...

What the hell, I'll try anything once..... But if they mouth off again, it's Fire in the Hole!!!! Ha ha.

riverwalker said...

I say give them a second chance but if they can't be civil about a difference of opinion.....


Anonymous said...

Lurker again,

It's interesting to see the extreme bonds of friendship that are formed between the various survival bloggers, and also the suppression of dissent and cliqueiness.

There's a also a severe case of needing to not be questioned or challenged on widely (within the community) held beliefs, such as peak oil, government incompetence, and the god-given rights to guns and the possessions we all already own.

Not to mention that we all seem to be men aged 25-65!

Degringolade, I think you are the most open-minded and thoughtful of the bunch, and I don't mean to slam you or your other readers, but the other consistent trait I take away is that most Survivalist types are fairly introverted and shy in the 'real' world, or at least awkward and a little insecure.

Do I sound harsh? I mean to be helpful, self awareness is a true trait for survival--and perhaps one of the appeals of survivalism as a mentality is that it allows one to feel superior and smarter than others, when that;s not a common feeling in our/their day-to-day lives.

Just food for thought, I still believe in Peak Oil as a concept AND that oil will absolutely fall below $100.barrel within the next year (I've got your silver eagle all polished if I'm wrong though!).

Have you read THE ARCHDRUID REPORT yet? I recommend all the archives and every Wednesday night's post, really a very nice alterbate, more plausible viewpoint than what most of the sites I read daily present.

But I do read ALL of you and appreciate your insights and thoughts.



Mayberry said...

Hey Lurker, I just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents....

I think friendship and "survivalism" kinda go hand in hand. "Birds of a feather" and all. Survivalists, preppers, or whatever you wanna call us, we're all of a like mind, no matter what differences we might have as far as what we're preppin' for! Preppin' is preppin', don't matter much if it's for a meteor impact, Dakin's "zombie bikers", massive civil upheaval, climate change, financial collapse...... There are a few things folks might "tweak" their preps towards, but overall the theme is the same. "Beans, bandaids, and bullets".

Suppression of dissent.... well, I suppose we're doin' what anyone would do for a friend. We stick up for 'em. We're also a fairly well educated lot, very practical, and don't have much tolerance for stupidity.

As far as challenging someone on peak oil, or global warming.... What for? We all prep, no matter what for. I think one of the biggest parts of prepping is coming to the realization that we just don't know what's gonna happen. There's a lot out there that can go wrong. Who are we to question others on their reasons?

Men aged 25 to 65.... Hell, men in general just seem to have that desire for independence. We have a pragmatic view of the world. Everything breaks down to nuts and bolts. If there ain't enough nuts to hold the bolts together, then by God we'll go get some! Or make some. Or whatever it takes to put things to rights. Men under 25 still got their heads up their arses, and are only interested in chasin' wimmin. Wimmin, well.... they're wimmin (for the most part). Who the hell can explain 'em? There are some who've seen the light, but not a lot.

As far as us being introverted, I suppose that's an "occupational hazard". You don't really want to be broadcasting to the world that you're stocking up food, guns, ammo, and supplies.... Besides, most "sheeple" would just look at ya like yer nuts if ya told 'em. Anyways, maybe that helps you understand the survival mindset a bit better.....