Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hygeine Items

As the transportation and chemical plants slow down. I think that we will be surprised on how the costs and availability of basic items will drastically change. That has been said in a whole bunch of different ways, but the truth of the matter is, we currently have no inkling how bad it will be. I am hoping that the losses won't be too severe and will be manageable, but if I had to place my bet, I would bet that the shortages and cost will drive us crazy.

Consider shaving. Now, I like a beard in the winter, but in the summer, they are hot and scratchy. So a razor is somewhat essential, I can live without it, but would prefer not doing so. But the razor's nowadays come from one or two companies back east (Schick or Gillette), or are electrics. If the availability or prices of these items change drastically, you are currently beholden to a company for an essential. You might want to try to locate a straight razor. You might want to check this page out

Soap is going to be an issue, when you look at it, soap has the same trend as razors, a couple of manufacturers, a couple of plants, the majority of the country beholden on a few. Not a stable system. You might want to make nice with your local hippie-type. They always seem to know folks who make their own soap. You can probably even get stuff that you prefer. Check this page out.

I am not going to run it down product type by product type, but I think that you get the point here. I don't know about you guys, but I like being clean and wearing clean clothes and general sanitation. This is a great thing. Make sure that you have a means of maintaining your cleanliness and health in the changes that are coming.


Mayberry said...

This is something I think about a lot. I got oily skin, and I can't stand going even one day without a shower. Making your own soap requires lye, something most of us don't have laying around.

riverwalker said...

Good basic reminder here! Proper hygiene is important to everyone in maintaining their personal health.


Anonymous said...

you can't get a good seal between your gas mask and your face if you don't shave. i think that's what "safety" razors were invented for in the first place. watch out for infections from shaving cuts. i guess i'll add a battery powered shaver to my BOB now.

Anonymous said...

Lye can be made like they did in the old days, water filtered thru ashes from their fireplaces. Meat fat is going to be the tricky ingredient as we don't butcher the amounts of meat at home like in the past or save cooking grease in cans.

Braun makes a battery operated shaver POCKET GO , 2 AA. About 15 dollars on Amazon. I plan on using batteries recharged with my solar panels. Mine arrived a couple of days ago, it works great and has good reviews.