Monday, July 14, 2008

The joys of a pressure cooker

Get yourself a pressure cooker. For that matter, get yourself a couple of pressure cookers.

Whether you like it or not, you are going to have to watch your energy usage. A pressure cooker allows you to create great meals for a very small fraction of the energy costs of conventional cooking. Yeah, you will have to learn how to cook differently, get over it, you will have to do a lot of things differently pretty soon.

Also get a canning pressure cooker. We are heading into a world where you make hay while the sun shines. If you get some surplus, you had better be able and ready to preserve it for the cold times. It might not hurt you to get some mason jars put aside as well. You can get them cheap at Goodwill.

Things are tightening up my friends, your preps may be useful soomer than you think, and your ability to keep them replenished will require more than going to Safeway's


Staying Alive said...

Preps and more preps. All we can do is try to handle what they throw at us. And they will throw plenty of shit our way. Went over to see the well guy and he is coming to start putting in our hand pump this week. What a great thing to have! The well guy says that hand pumps were selling like hot cakes when Y2K was an issue. Put 'em in all over the place. Well, they don't use electricity. We might ought to tell Mayberry about that!


Survivalist News said...

If you know how to can and have the equipment you have a valuable skill to trade for food items or possibly a goat.

Mayberry said...

Mayberry knows "well" and good about hand pumps! Ha ha. There was a hand pump at my uncle's cabin, a "community" well for the property owners in the area. Pumped water there many times to bring back for washing dishes, washing ourselves..... You know, back when kids were actually useful.

Thanks for the Goodwill tip, have to check that out.

Mayberry said...

Crap! forgot to mention that Grandma cooked up many a meal in her pressure cooker! Yankee pot roast with 'taters and carrots comes to mind. Yum!

Cmdr Zero said...

Might be worth noting that a pressure cooker can also double as an autoclave for sterilizing instruments and, with a little tubing, be used as a still for making safe water.