Saturday, July 26, 2008

An odd choice

I have a friend here in town Mr. Icarus. He's a great guy, but at the same time he is almost a poster child for what is wrong. He is well off, made some serious coin putting together scrape-and-rape subdivisions of McMansions north of town. Now he is holding on to some seriously depreciating properties and cannot quite figure out why all of this is happening to him. Seems that business is shitting on him and he is losing income.

Wifey is the perfect skinny blond princess, drives the Cadillac crossover. Kids are the perfect straight-toothed, right out of Norman Rockwell specials. Private schools and every available lesson and distraction is available.

So Icarus is getting creamed by gas prices on his SUV. Says that he is running $300.00 a month or more. So his solution is: Wait for it....Wait for it.....Park the SUV and go out and buy a little Honda Fit for $17,000 plus tax and dealers.

So the guy spends 17K to save on his $300 buck a month gas payment when he is looking at the abyss.

We wonder why the country is going to hell.


Survivalist News said...

And his family will be living in it before to long.

riverwalker said...

If you're riding a bubble, you better be ready for a rough landing when it pops!


Mayberry said...

MO-ron. Jeez..... I'm absolutely speechless in the face of such utter stupidity!

Anonymous said...

One positive way for the hard working, busted their balls for everything they have kind of person can view this...

When the bottom completely drops out YOU will be standing on firm grown or a couple steps from it, those that have had their economic brains up their asses will have one long fall.
If the fall doesn't kill them the emotional trama of their world being upside down will send them over the edge.