Friday, July 4, 2008

Those poor saps....

Obama and/or McCain

Why anyone would want to be in charge during the the upcoming train wreck is beyond me. The only thing that I can see is monstrous egos, so certain of their intellect and rightness that they feel that they will be able to "lead" us to better times.

In a way, the presidency itself is a crappy position. Unless you have a compliant Congress, you have to go hat in hand begging for money. Can anyone remember a presidential budget proposal that wasn't stamped "DOA" on arrival on the hill? Then you have those old fuddy-duddies of the Supreme Court looking over your shoulder with those prune-faced disapproving looks on their mugs. Crap, a President can't even suspend Habeas Corpus without the press coming unglued.

The worst part is that, even though you have the keys to the car in terms of the military, you can't really go out and kick-ass the way you would really like. Troops gotta get paid, and that means the damn congress gets involved all over again. Then the other side has the absolute temerity to fight back!!!!

So, John and Barak, you have all this hanging over your head, then the day after you get inaugurated, everyone on the planet will be riding your ass, wondering why you haven't fixed it all yet. Now, the clincher, the economy. Since every jackass who held the position you so covet has always claimed that the economy's growth was due to their wonderfulness, that means that the Lumpen will be expecting you to keep all the crap on the shelf at Wal-Mart and at everyday low prices.

Well, Barry and John. You are well and truly fucked. You don't have the power to do anything that makes sense. You have inherited a train wreck of an economy, an unwinnable war of civilizations, a surly and uncooperative people, a bloated and overweening nanny-state, a huge federal deficit, and a debased currency that Carinus would have found appalling.

So, why is it you want the job?

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