Friday, August 1, 2008

The Quality of Data

We preppers are pretty much agreed on one thing, and that is the world is heading into a change.

The big problem is that the data we receive is hopelessly corrupted by the time it arrives at our doorstep.   The data that we see is massaged by everyone and his brother so that it will say what people want it to say.  Not to mention that the sheer volume of data is such that it is nearly paralyzing.

So sometimes, I just wonder, where are we really?  Are we on the slide to oblivion, are we on the threshold of a bright new world?  Just where the fuck are we and what the hell are we doing?

People have been saying that the world is going to hell since the time of Socrates.  But just where are we on the slide?  We can't tell from the data.

So we operate on our gut.  Lets be honest, while my gut has kept me out of trouble, it has also landed me in some impressive jams.  

At the end of the day though, prepped is better than no preps, and like I have said before, I really hope that twenty years from now I kick myself in the ass for wasting my money on these preps, that everything had worked out swimmingly and I didn't need them after all.

An ode to the Sixties


hilljack33 said...

It could go either way right now. Better to be prepped and not need it, then SOL. said...

I like to think of my preps as investments. This makes it seem like win/win no matter what happens.

It is likely the cost of food, ammo, and other supplies will rise faster than the value of many "normal" investments. That brick of .22lr ammo will likely be worth plenty more ten years from now than I paid for (and perhaps worth a small fortune if come SHTF) it while financial investments may very well lose value.

mockum said...

It's not just the money -- it's the time. There is really much more to life than prepping and learning all types of post-SHTF skills. If you've read Patriots, I was thinking it was lucky for the main characters that the SHTF. Otherwise they would have wasted 10 years of their twenties -- time when they should have been traveling and exploring.

Survivalist News said...

We are in the down slide. I remember the 70's and atleast there was a feeling of hope. That is gone now. People read the government released reports and see light but deep down they know it is bad.

We cannot turn the country around with out jobs. It is as simple as that. No Jobs, No America.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the Fabulous Freak Brothers - I remember reading my older cousins comic books with those characters - Rock On!

Mayberry said...

The way I look at it, anything I do to increase my independence is a good thing, SHTF or not. I would never view prepping time or money as "wasted". The real waste is slaving away at a crappy job just to feed the government beast and corporate coffers. The real waste is the McMansions and the $60,000 cars. The real waste is working 80 hours a week to make some other assholes rich. Life was meant to be LIVED! You can't live if you're a wage slave...... You're just "existing". That's the real waste.