Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting over it

One of the things that I do when I get my preps is to look at them as sacred.

I think that it is a variation on the hoarding theme. I have a pile of stuff that will save me when the time comes and it is sacred stuff. I go and genuflect in awe at the edifice that I have crafted. Life is good. I am a stud.

Then this damn rationality comes and gives me the slapping around that I so richly deserve. My preps are not a monolith. They have to be part and parcel of a system of living that will allow me the flexibility to weather storms.

So now I am going to spend some time devising a system of use and renewal. The preps will have to be more fully integrated into my daily life. It isn't a difficult change, but it is a change. Menus will have to be changed and recipes modified. Use of equipment will have to be brought into the cycle and the preps themselves will need to evolve to correct for oversights made when I first devised the "plan".

So, after the football game tonight, instead of loafing and drinking beer, I think that I will go downstairs and figure out how to bring things into use.



Mayberry said...

Stuff ain't no good without a plan! Good thinkin'....

Patricia said...

We're sort of in the same boat. I don't usually used canned foods--I cook from scratch mostly. If I do, it is canned tomatoes and beans. So using the canned veggies, fruit, meats, etc. will take re-thinking on my part. But gotta do it--gotta use the cans and replace them as we can.