Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Got a Job (Finally, 56 weeks later and halfway through my savings)

Goin' to work for the guv'mint. VA Hospital to be exact. It ain't my first choice, but no one else is hiring.

So lets talk about the realities all of us will face. Jobs will be a while coming back to America. It took us 25+ years to debone the country of that pesky manufacturing. Does anyone in their right mind think that it take less to rebuild it?

So, I am grabbing what was offered. One of the realities that you will have to come to grips with is that you had not better turn up your nose at any job. Because without a job your preps become an asset that will dwindle to nothing, and probably quicker than you planned.

Still gonna poke around while I got this job. Because I have no idea how long the gov'mint will have money to deposit into my bank account. Because what you do to bring in the filthy lucre will be an integral part of your preps. I am still trying to figure out a means of bringing in money that is below the table and below the radar.

So it is time to put my nose down and get back to saving money, converting it into gold/silver/preps, and living my life.



Belwether said...

Congrats on your new job - One does not know the stresses of being unemployed until they have been there themselves.

Hang in there!


Survival Chick said...


Bustednuckles said...

Well now, Congratulations.
If it's the one I think it is maybe we will have to hook up and have a beer after work someday.
I am a little rough around the edges but not completely socially unacceptable...


Mayberry said...

Good for you. As far as working under the table/ radar.... Got trade skills? That's how you can do it. I had a pretty decent "off the books" boat repair business until the economy hit the crapper....

riverwalker said...

I know you've got to be feeling really great now that you got a job.
Before you know it something even better will come along and you'll be on your way.


Staying Alive said...

Congrats on the new job. An income is always neat while the idiots are still taking FRN's in payment. Gold and Silver are inedible. Food is not. Guns and ammo will be worth a lot more that some folks might suspect. Medical supplies are a good idea. We put up two quarts of Sambucol yesterday. The Elderberries take a month to do their thing in the Vodka but in a month we will have plenty of flu medicine. Gotta shell more beans today! Gardens planted with non-hybrind seed are so cool. I have twice as much bean seed as I started with and tons of beans for eating. More to come. We are buying canned goods and figure them to be money well spent. You can even get wild gaame in a can. It's called Tuna and Salmon. The Handmaiden trades with the Amish and got a 10 pound bag of egg noodles for $8.50. Not a bad deal in this day and age.

Freeze any beans and rice that you might buy to store. Kills the critteers they pick up out in the field. Actually the critters are a protein source but some folks are a little squeamish. Did you ever wonder why 'Dirty Rice" was invented? Cook it, season it, and get to eating it.