Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stuff has been happening, time to review

My posts have been getting thin and spotty lately. I guess that I have to work harder on getting a schedule together.

Anyway. I am thinking that it may not be a bad idea to talk about SHTF scenarios when the best best option will be to stay put and ride it out. IMHO, this grop will constitute >90% of all plausible scenarios.

I think that one of the main attractions of the TEOWAWKI is that you won't have to go to your damn job the next day and you will finally be doing something interesting. But now lets talk about the unfortunate situation where your piece of the world manages to stay intact enough that you will be able to follow the general outlines of you present life while things around you change.

In a SHTF scenario like this, you will probably need to pay more attention to personal security. This doesn't mean going to an open carry idea. But you will have to watch arond you and your home a lot more closely than you do now. I think that I would concentrate on mundane things such as hardening my residence enough that getting in is more of a chore than the bulk of folks are willing to attempt.

The other thing that you will have to do is figure out a foraging scheme that matches the current reality. Unless it is a catastrophic event, the means of getting provisions will be there, it just might not be something that you are used to. I have no hard and fast thoughts about this, It is just something that you will have to figure out as things unfold.

I have already spoken about money and specie. Have several fallback positions of exchange and barter ready.

Water storage may become important. I assign this a lower probability than most, as most places will bend more efforts to keeping the water running than just about any other task. But review your filtering and purification methods.

Fuel may well become a serious issue. Keep your tank topped up.

Just a checklist for my own brain. Other thoughts would be appreciated



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