Thursday, October 23, 2008

A ballot

We do mail-in elections here. I don't really like them. So this morning I am staring at a ballot, drinking my coffee.

But it isn't the format that bothers me. It is the candidates. I won't even touch on the lose-lose nature of the presidential vote. Up here in Washington's third district, it seems that the ballot seems to emphasize mediocrity throughout. We have three ballot initiatives which are unusually silly. Our governor's race is between a corrupt democrat trying to fend off a challenge by the corrupt republican from whom she stole the election from last time. The HR race is between a incumbent democrat who has been there long enough to know better and a creepy republican who spends the bulk of the time in the bathroom, masturbating to the racy scenes in "Atlas Shrugged".

Even the local level elections are tinged heavily by the "less than adequate"

So, now I am thinking the heretical thought "why bother"?


cfloersch said...

Do a write in or find a third party candidate if they exist. That is as opposed to note voting at all..

BigBear said...

If you don't care then vote for the worse of the two. Eventually one party will wise up and run a qualified candidate.

MeadowLark said...

We have mail-in as well... I love it!

I'd say write-in Ron Paul rather than not vote, but I feel yer pain. As far as president goes, we're hosed either way, but there was an interesting article on why the republicans need to lose

State-wise, we have corrupt Republicans (who voted for the bailout) versus heavy-spending Democrats. It's a no-win.

I really amm starting to think it's time for a revolution, but the masses are enjoying their "bread and circuses" so I don't see it happening.

Mayberry said...

I voted all 3rd party (mostly Libertarian), and wrote in Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party, endorsed by Ron Paul) for Prez..... For what it's worth anyhoo. I don't think it really matters at this point, but I did it just so I could say I did....