Friday, October 3, 2008

I am stunned

Man, I can't think of a way to express my amazement.

You shouldn't be reading this my friends, you should be prepping.

My list today

  1. Bleach x 3 gallons
  2. lots of matches....make sure that I seal them up so that they are water proof
  3. Fill up the LP tanks
  4. Finish splitting kindling
  5. Make some laundry soap
  6. Buy TVP and bag it up and vacuum seal it with O2 scavengers
Take care....keep your wits about you.

PS. You might want to read this



hilljack33 said...

Bleach. The problem I have with bleach is it only lasts about 6 months. I had bought some myself to purify water, but considering that in 6 months (9 months top) it will be useless, I changed my water purification scheme. I assume that is why you have the bleach. Might want to reconsider the bleach. It came as a shock to me that bleach goes bad. Just thought I'd put my two cents in.

Mayberry said...

Bleach "evaporates", even the pellet stuff for swimming pools. The process is accelerated in sunlight, so always store bleach or chlorine in a dark place to increase it's shelf life... In the end, I think the point of bleach, filters, etc. will be moot. Solar stills and good ol' fashioned boiling is all that will be left when the other stuff runs out. And it will run out....

flea said...

Betadine is great from water purification as well and is dual use for the first aid kit.

Bleach is great for purifying water I have always been a huge proponent of it and to have mutiple ways of skinning this cat.