Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just a bit of a follow up

I still stand by my post from yesterday, even though folks whose opinion I respect have disagreed with my take home lesson.

No problemo.

But as a somewhat connected aside, I present this little nugget.


Bustednuckles said...

Just imagine that if McCain somehow manages to pull out a win, we taxpayers will be paying someone to slather the Bondo onto that woman. Every. Fucking. Day.

Shy Wolf said...

Interesting, D. But at least they're paying her for the work- as well as paying for her pantsuits, which is more than can be said for the Dem Hillary- and by ASSociation, Obama, who was given her suits as a 'gift', against campaign law. Of course, one must wonder, by ASSociation, who is paying for Obama's suits and make-up.
Then, again, is there any viable reason to believe the NYT about this when all they've done is their best to smear Gov. Palin? Why are they not doing some honest reporting about Obama's connections to ACORN, Ayers, et-al, rather than showing so devastatingly much concern over some 'Noxema'?
Having spent a good portion of my life working as a t.v. news photog, I am well aware of how little honesty there was in those days- and how less there is now. So, in retrospect, I take anything I read or hear with a huge dose of salt, then spit it out as maybe partially believeable. (In other words, don't believe all you see or hear- check the records instead.)

Anonymous said...

Definitely agree with Shy on this one. There is to much overall corruption in government at any rate. The whole lot needs to be replaced. As far as media goes, 90% is very far left.

Dorcas' Daddy said...

Oh yes, the criminals at ACORN associated with Obama.

err, nevermind.