Monday, October 27, 2008

Misplaced Trust?

I read Mike Shedlock's Global Economic Trends Analysis every day. It is a great read and informative as hell. I wish that I had the desire and time to become as well informed as he is. I strongly recommend that it is added to ones daily reads.

Now maybe my sarcasm meter is working poorly, but he wrote in a recent article that somehow Hank Paulson (The vermin, stinking banker scum that needs to be castrated with a dull spoon) DIDN'T actually set up the current load of alphabet soup funneling money into the fucking bankers pockets to make sure that his rich buddies got even richer by buying up the littler pigs.

Sorry Mish, I love ya baby, but you are wrong on this. It is my opinion that Paulson is a goddamn thief that is pouring as much money into the big banks pocket as he can before he is out of office.

It is my sincere hope that he will be raped in prison.

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