Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An odd form of preparation

That I enjoy writing is self-evident. The pleasures of having people read what I write is an acceptable form of narcissism that only leaves me with vestigial guilt (please remember that I am Catholic, as such, I can feel guilty about anything).

But my publisher is the internet and Google. How these will fare in hard times has yet to be established. I would tend to think that it will be a bit before they begin to be more costly and difficult to access. I am not saying that they will be censored, I really don't think that will be the case, but the cost of accessing the internet may well begin to be beyond peoples means.

So I am making a map of my optional access points to the internet should I find it difficult to maintain my spiffy sheen DSL connection. These will serve me in good stead to keep my writing jones up and running.

The other thing to look at is your computer. I always use a laptop, right now I am using a nice little Compaq that I picked up for $400. 2 gigs of ram, 160 gb hard drive, dual core pentium. A great little machine. I also was able to put my old axe (IBM thinkpad (Pentium 3 with 384 mb ram and 11 gb hard drive) into a vacuum sealed plastic bag with a couple of oxygen scavengers as an emergency backup.

I also have Linux running on both of them. Windows and Microsoft are too dialed into the current paradigm to ever be truly trusted. I have a strong feeling that the model of Linux will survive hard times much better than the model of unlimited greed as exemplified by monkey-boy Ballmer.

So, as part and parcel of your preps. I would take a bit of time and think about your access to the knowledge base of the web and how you propose to keep it going. It might not be as important as your beans and bullets, but it is worthy of your attention.


Shy Wolf said...

Having thought about this topic a few times, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that "much as I enjoy it, love the writing and pix and 'publishing' same, when the rubber meets the road there really isn't much need to keep up the internet connections."
My reasoning being two-fold: time spent on the web is time taken from surviving: if I need to hunt something on the web, I haven't done enough 'homework' or practiced enough- such as how to plant my garden; second, there will be better need(s) for money now used for on-line costs. Not that it's much but every little bit will help somewhere else.
I do intend keeping the laptops and 'journaling' on them with my writing and pix and if need be, find a 'free' connection site to post in spare time- if there will be such a thing after TSHTF. Surviving will have to maintain priority, of course, and the 'toys' will take second place.

Dorcas' Daddy said...

Journals & Pens--grid down, you can't write without journals and pens.

And for a couple grand, a manual printing press might be a great investment. Get ink too.