Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things also go up

Now don't be surprised if things start looking better for a bit. The powers that be are trying hard to lash things together during this storm. They might be successful, partially successful, or temporarily successful.

Look carefully though. There are times when storms clear. There are also "sucker holes". Keep a close eye on things.

Waking up at 4:00 every morning is kicking my butt. Sorry about the sparsity of the posts this week.
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Staying Alive said...

If anyone has been paying attention, they will know that someone behind the scenes is trying to manipulate this crisis out of existance and that it is not working. The system is going to collapse. Be ready!


treesong said...

I'm reminded today of the old saying, "the calm before the storm."

It's Indian Summer here. Absolutely beautiful weather. Moods are upbeat. More traffic on the roads; local sales are up a bit - even for frivolous things; people are already Christmas shopping. But, I truly believe the storm is coming. Talked with a few people today via the phone and emails. They're all in that "don't want to think about anymore doom and gloom" mood. They're tired of worrying and not sleeping and having upset stomachs. So, their solution is to ignore the signs and
"stimulate" the economy a bit. Ah well, I say stay calm but vigilent and diligent.

Mayberry said...

The "eye of the hurricane"..... Everything's dandy for the moment, but it's fixin' to go to hell again.....