Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't have a hernia here

Now, I recognize that a lot of the folks don't like BHO. I can live with that, I didn't vote for him either. But read this article here.

If a bunch of high priced thieves don't want to be on his cabinet because he actually has the temerity to ask if they or their family stole from folks, engaged in shady business practices, or bugger little boys in their off hours, how is this bad?

I had pretty high hopes for Bushie, but he and the group of thieves he brought to the trough have fucked us over royal. If BHO can keep that at a minimum, good on him.

The guy doesn't appear to be all bad. He still makes me nervous.


Shy Wolf said...

Whammobama couldn't get hired by himself if he had to pass the background check- who do they think their kidding? He can't even provide a birth certificate- and THAT is a BIG deal for the job that may "be above his pay grade".

Mayberry said...

He just wants to re-arrange the criminals, and introduce some new ones. Nothing will really change, except the upward spiral of the federal defecit, which will increase exponentially.....