Thursday, November 20, 2008


I love my running shoes. They make my feet very happy.

But when you stand off and look at them, they are disposable, probably a net bad thing for the environment, made in other countries by serfs who are routinely and thoroughly screwed by the US companies and their own governments.

If the shit continues hitting the fan (please please make it stop), it may very well be that we will be looking at difficulties finding footwear. I think that it would be difficult to find sufficient American made shoes to keep the country humming.

So I am going to go looking for some good old-fashioned boots with sewn soles/lasts that can be resoled as many times as I need them.

Just a thought


Stephanie in AR said...

You might check out this idea:

He has made & worn his own shoes from tires. The note at the bottom is worth reading too.

Bustednuckles said...

riverwalker said...

You're not going too far if you have to do it barefoot!
Good advice about stocking up on shoes, boots, etc. Don't forget the socks.