Monday, November 3, 2008

Now don't start yelling

So I guess that I look at things a little differently than a lot of folks on the prepper circuit. That's OK, as a matter of fact it is preferable.

So, now I think that screaming at the commies at this point is kinda odd.

Now, my father and I were serious, no-holds barred cold-warriors. But we never thought for a moment that we were fighting the commies. We were fighting the Russians. Yeah, the Chinese were there too, but at that time the only thing that they could do was field a whole shit-pot of poorly trained and equipped troops.

The Russians were our competition in the empire game. Just like they were the competition for the British in the Great Game and the Carthaginian, Parthian, and the Sassanid Empires were the competition for the Romans.

The fact that the Soviets used a different economic system really didn't have all that much to do with it. The Russian's have been trying to figure out economics since the Battle of Batu Khan and have thus far been astoundingly unsuccessful. It isn't surprising to me that they would fuck up communism. After all, they fucked up everything else.

You see, my take on it is, there are two types of people in the world: Folks who want to tell other people what to do and folks who want to be left alone. The people who are screaming about commies have missed the point.

George W has been as bad for the country as the most liberal president we ever had, probably worse. The Republican Party has allowed itself to degenerate into a group of shills for big business instead of being the Party of Lincoln. They have put in place the biggest assault on the constitution ever made, and yet folks are worried about the commies?

So, what the hell, lets say that the next president does have Marxist leanings. Can that be any worse than the damage done to the country by W and the big corporations?


Anonymous said...

I will agree that Bush was bad. Very very bad for this country. I will also agree that neither the Republican nor Democratic parties really represent conservativism anymore. Certainly not fiscal conservatism.

But could it get worse? the answer is most certainly yes.

The part about Soviet Russia you seem to neglect is that the government had to butcher millions of citizens in order to sustain it. Look around the world at the nations with marxist governments. They are all famous for murdering their citizens in mass numbers. Its not a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

So as not to offend maybe I should be clear.

We are on a path toward facism. Obama MAY alter that path toward marxism. But in either case we have a ways to go. And in both cases the state murdering the citizen in mass numbers will be the result.

God help us if we get a facist/marxist hybrid. We're really screwed then!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Bush and his ponies were and are facist. Obama is a marxist. Absolutely, I am tired of argueing the point. It could get worse, with either party. I no longer care much about who gets in office nowaday. I want the whole thing replaced with a fresh perspective. The Constitution restored.

MeadowLark said...

Not yelling. Nodding.
We're hosed either way.

If we can make it til 2012, Ron Paul. I almost think he could help. At least he'd offer a reach-around.