Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The world is getting warmer over the past many years.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are rising over the past many years.

That is data my friend. Jack Webb would be proud. Just the facts.

Now, moving past those two currently disconnected facts.

There is something going on here. I don't like the way the data graphs point and I really want to understand what is happening.

Those that deny global warming and CO2 increases are meaningful are pretty unconvincing. Unfortunately, the folks who are screaming about this being the end of the world seem a touch on the histrionic side. I can't seem to be convinced by either camp.

One has a tendency in this country of erring on the side of caution. But where is the caution in this situation? In all truth, we are talking about deconstruction of the entire industrial world. Because behind all the smoke and mirrors of alternate energy sources and green energy is the 900 pound gorilla of massive lifestyle changes and huge population decreases to allow for sustainable structures.

The other side of this is continuing along the path we are on. If global warming is caused by anthropomorphic causes (read here: Us), then we are setting the world on a route to climate change and restiveness never seen before.

I think that a lot of the problems in this system is going to be addressed in the rudest possible way by fossil fuels becoming progressively more scarce. If we are truly at peak oil (data sure does appear to point that way) then CO2 release will probably decrease as we use less carbon sources. Unfortunately, this will effectively deconstruct industrial civilization too.

Our only hope is some smart guy somewhere thinks up a way out of this.

Cold fusion anyone?


Anonymous said...

Warm fussion would be as effective as cold fussion and much more likely.

Another possibility is advanced solar. And when I say that I mean solar technology which does not exist today.

But ultimately, I am not sure if there is any way to have humans live sustainably without a massive population decrease. Ya think it possible we could get 2 billion people to donate themselves to that cause? In the name of the planet anyway?

Short of that I think the technology we need is not going to come fast enough.. So mother nature will select the 2 billion+.

Mayberry said...

I'm not betting the farm on some "miracle cure". What we got is what we got. Either we ease ourselves into a simpler existence now, or we'll be thrust into one cold turkey.....

Ken said...

...its been said,in some movie or something,man is a 'virus',consuming it's host,as it proliferates.There is no stopping us...seems that someone,sometime,eventually will try radiation therapy...(poor attempt at humor,i know)...

Staying Alive said...

Many years ago we knew that the NWO would be a chariot pulled by two horses, Peace and the Environment. These two issues will be the main topics of discussion for those who wish to conquer us from within. Global warming is maufactured. It is not real! Last month was the coldest October we have had for 70 years. It is getting colder, not warmer. Get a grip!

You will be under assault for the next two years by the NWO boys. Dig your heels into the ground and don't follow along. Do not committ to these bastards.