Monday, December 22, 2008


I am really torn here.

Lets get it out into the open so we can discuss this. One of the main purposes of government, any government is to keep order. We can discuss at length where the cutoff line for what is appropriate lies, but at the end, we are little better than medieval scholars discussing the number of angels who can dance on the head of a pin.

So, with a distinct possibility of unrest ahead of us, how will the government keep the lid on things? I have been in a country in the middle of a revolution. Not fun.

The police are already quite stretched thank you.

The old National Guard has been so thoroughly absorbed into the structure of the Federal Army that it is effectively indistinguishable from that Army. I also can't see any of the current crop of spineless parasites we have annointed as "Governors" taking their troops back or rebuilding their own Guard.

So that leaves the Army. Now most of you folks will start screaming "Posse Comitatus" at this point. I would ask you to take a breath and think first. Despite what everyone in the tin-foil hat crowd thinks, posse is not a part of the Constitution. It was part and parcel to as as vulgar and cynical a bit of political horse trading as ever seen in the good old USA.

It was in the deal that gave us a Republican President (Rutherford Hayes) after a bitterly contested and crooked election (Sound familiar?). As a quid pro quo for the election of Hayes, it allowed for the removal of federal protection of former slaves coupled with a wink and a nod to the soon-to-be Jim Crow South, allowing them a pleasant return to their cherished pastime of butt-fucking the blacks.

As you can probably tell, I don't think to highly of the "Compromise of 1877".

So, back to NorthCom. They will be up to around 20,000 troops soon. Not enough to do any real good in a country this big, but enough to make a difference in a spate of serious civil unrest that is well localized.

Now most of us don't have to worry about this too dang much. But let's for a moment consider Detroit:
  • Big Three looking bad?
  • Corrupt and ineffective local government?
  • Soon to be massive unemployment among a group with a fairly high set of expectations?
  • Supporting State government almost broke?
  • Federal Government in a bad way?



Anonymous said...

This is a good topic. You are right the government should be doing what it is doing with the NorthCOM. yes Possie was part in parcel of the Jim Crow south.

However, I am of the belief that this country is in need of a revolution to take it back from the corporations. So in that regard I don't want the government to do anything that might make that harder.

But I have no illusions about the government fighting back nor do I have any illusions of the fat/lazy americans actually fighting back.

So we will continue to fall further into facism/socialism. Unless of coruse a complete collapse occurs at which point we will likely fall into despotism or corpratism.

Stephanie in AR said...

Have always loved that song and thought about if the shoe were on my foot...

Posted something similiar today, what are your thoughts?

Thinking is easy when the hands are busy, its the time to post that gets lost.

Shy Wolf said...

We can rely on the Dark Lord's Civilian Force to maintain order in our communities- after all, they'll be as well funded and equipped as all the Services combined.
MoxNix when the 'Posse Commitatus Act' ocurred. What matters is the Constitution and the guarantee of no illegal search and seizure. Of course, soon as the Civilian Force in enabled, they'll have full cooperation of the PTB to do whatever they deem 'do-able' to whomever they desire.
It won't matter where the troops are stationed- though I imagine the DC area for openers. Then perhaps Detroit, Chicago, L.A., New York (especially Wall Strret area).
Also, I think when the Civilian Force is loosed will be the time the Big S starts fluttering.

Mayberry said...

Semantics aside, in my opinion it is morally wrong to use federal troops on American citizens. Period. The real reason behind this all is to squelch the brewing revolution (of which the fedgov is well aware, and in fact instigating) which is the constitutional duty of American citizens to engage, in order to oust this corrupt, tyrannical, oppressive government.

Ken said... of those places look familiar(ex-detroiter)...fitting song

Merry Christmas,GodBless