Monday, January 12, 2009

Green Chicken Tomatillo Chili

This is just a cooking post, though I will probably throw in some other crap just to keep you interested.

Today's cooking is based around the idea that buying in bulk and what is on sale and putting it aside can really give you a leg up on good food for the cold times. So what started today is a sale at my "little store" of #10 cans of tomatillos for $2.99 a can. Needless to say I snatched them up and started thinking.

When I got home from work yesterday I started going through the shelves to see what else that I had on hand. So at the end of the day I came up with the following.

Green Chicken Tomatillo Chili

  1. Last night I started soaking 2 pounds of small white beans.
  2. Went to the freezer and grabbed some of the Anaheim peppers that I roasted and froze down last summer. Microwaved them for a couple of minute cuz I was too lazy to go get them last night.
  3. Stuffed three dried Anchos and three dried California peppers from the dried drawer and busted them up into my french press coffee pot and poured boiling water on them. Waited for about a half hour while they reconstituted and did some laundry.
  4. Took a pound of salt pork and chopped it into little bits, put it into the bottom of a 10 qt stock pot. When it started getting crispy, I poured the water from the dried peppers into the pot and let it boil off (You lose a lot of flavor if you throw that water away).
  5. Chopped up two onions, the Anchos and the Californias and sauted them in the good flavor of the salt pork and pepper water.
  6. Ran the anaheims through a blender with five big old boullion cubes and a couple cups of water, threw that in the mix.
  7. Tossed in a jigger of dried cilantro, a jigger of oregano, a pony shot of dried, sliced garlic,
  8. Drained and rinsed the white beans and put them in the pot and filled with water until they were just covered. Let them cook for one hour at medium heat.
  9. Chop around three or four pounds of cheap costco chicken thighs into chunks and toss these in the pot, let it cook for about an hour.
  10. Filled up quart jars and processed at 10 lbs for 90 minutes. Had dinner with the rest and it was a big hit. Looks as though I have seven or so dinners in the basement "for later".

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