Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I think that RCBS is overkill

Tell me that this is not reloading taken back to the basics.

I love the simplicity.


vlad said...

Lee Loader sizes only the mouth of the case. Brass is fireformed to the chamber of the rifle you fire it in.
It will almost certainly have to be full length resized to fit any other rifle.

Tim said...

That is pretty great! I need to pick one of these up.

Degringolade said...

I think that Vlad's comment goes right to my point. Simplicity. I reload for my self and my one rifle and pistol and shotgun.

I am not trying to feed an armory, just trying to keep a minimal preparation going. I think that a lot of folks wish the same thing.

The key to the Lee is its simplicity and cost. RCBS when you buy all their bells and whistles will cost you a couple of hundred. Lee is <$50.

Lee is also very portable.

You can buy what you want, but as a good reloader for folks who have limits on money and time, Lee is the baby.