Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

The trouble with resolutions is that they can never really be public. If you announce your resolutions, they become a cheap thing, a source of shallow conversations and meaningless discussion.

But you should spend some time on this day of Janus to consider and plan. Not the simple and easy surface issues that folks usually want to change, but the deeper changes that will grant you the wisdom, honor, and strength you will need to survive the darkness that threatens.

I am not going to act as an advisor here. The care and feeding of self and soul is an individuals' personal responsibility and I have little ability to offer cogent advice in such a strange land.

But please take this time to make some quiet and closely held resolutions to make yourself what you need to become.

It may very well be that your life and your soul will depend on this.


Mayberry said...

Will do. Hell, have been doing for quite some time!

treesong said...

Thank your for posting this. Very thought provoking, especially with the photo. The statue name escapes me now but, it's always reminded me that we have no than one direction to consider; that we can make choices; and that if we're scattered and indecive we'll wind up being pulled in opposite directions!