Saturday, January 10, 2009

This one is good

Hey La, Hey La Dmitry's back

I haven't posted much because I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking lately.

There is the added stress of overtime (I need the money) and a sale on #10 cans of tomatillos ($2.99 a can!!!) that needs to turned into green chicken chili and bottled for the winter.

The best thing that I have read this week is an article by Dmitry Orlov over at ClubOrlov. Like all really good articles, it really pissed me off at first, then made me think, then I grudgingly agreed with the bulk of its premises. I am very happy and grateful that he is back to writing semi-regularly. I eagerly await his articles.

What kinda cheeses me off is that he managed to presage a couple of themes that I was trying to cover in the drafts that I have been working on. He also did it in a manner much more eloquent than the screed that I put out.

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Mayberry said...

Ha ha! That happens to me a lot. I'll get a good idea, just to find that someone else has posted the exact same thing that day. I reckon it's 'cuz us preppers think alike......