Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Weapons Probably Won’t Work


More than anything, it seems to me that the real issue is that no one is sure what the hell to do. But, like all good Americans we say go on anyway, lets take a shot.

So far we have managed to piss away a big pot of money. But guys, lets not be complete rubes here, the “money” that was pissed away was never really there. The federal government said “look, you guys in the banks are fucked, lets pull you out”.

They didn’t start up the printing presses and run off some bills, and you know damn well that they didn’t head down to Fort Knox and grab some gold to give to the banks. No, instead, they had their computer tell the banks computer that there was a different series of zeroes and ones in the banks computer than they had the previous millisecond.

Poof, according to the geniuses that are running our treasury department and our banks, that is how a problem is solved.


I wonder why it isn’t working?

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Mayberry said...

Heh heh, ABSOLUTELY mind the man behind the curtain! And I borrowed "hopium" today. Boy is that fitting.....