Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is going to be interesting

Everyone want government out of their hair.  Except of course when the government does something for them.  There is no one that reads this blog who is not accepting some kind of government money.  Mortgage tax credits, farm subsidies, student loans, food stamps, government jobs, jobs from government subsidized industries.  The list is near endless.  If you think that you aren’t, I would posit that you just have thought about it hard enough.

But pretty soon the “guv’mint” is gonna have to start axing some of the programs.  At first, the programs axed will be virtuous.  These are the least important and those with the smallest set of tit-suckers attached.  But by them being the smallest, with the least constituents, they will go down easy.  We will mock the scum who dared feed on such foul meat.

But, mark my words, sooner or later, they will hit something that you are sucking on. 

Now the question is, will you have a little class and let it go?  Or will you join the legion of squalling losers who realized that their favorite titty has run dry.


Chris said...

A tax credit is only a handout if it results in you getting returned money you never paid in. Otherwise, its your opportunity to KEEP your hard earned money.

Mayberry said...

Well, It's money that was stolen from me in the first place, so damn right I want it back! I got no problem paying a bit of fair tax for infrastructure and defense, but the rest of it..... So much is eaten away by corruption and waste. Count me out, I'll take my chances.

mmpaints said...

uhm, hate to be a spoil sport but I get no such handouts. A mortgage tax credit? I get to deduct the interest from my loan and what it does for me is a drop in the bucket, hard to figure money I never saw in the first place. No handouts here. We work our asses off for everything we have and a little extra to cover what uncle Sam steals from us before we ever get to see it.