Friday, February 20, 2009

Innovation of whores


The real problem with both the parties is that they are nothing more than whores for the big money.

Consider this little nugget, where Ballmer the dog faced boy of Microsoft lectured the democratic scum on the future of innovation in America. Well, folks, it has always been my opinion that Microsoft is a poster child for what is truly fucked up in America. My take on the arc of their success is as follows.

  1. Greedy little ivy-league puke leaves school early and fast talks himself a deal with IBM to provide OS for their experimental personal computer project. Sweet bit of smooth talking this, as he really didn’t own one at the time.
  2. As soon as the ink is dry, runs over to shaky little Seattle startup company and buys their OS for a pittance. Gives it to IBM.
  3. With revenues earned from IBM, goes out and buys up every small company who innovates and folds them into the Borg-Cube of Redmond.
  4. Tries to patent everything in sight (for god sakes, they tried for a patent on smiley faces) to freeze out competition.
  5. When sufficiently large, uses monopolistic business practices to enforce their will on the market.

Now, if this is innovation and the person at the core of this whorehouse named a corporation is lecturing our political leaders on “Innovation”, it may be that we deserve what we get.

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hilljack33 said...

"Microsoft is a poster child for what is truly fucked up in America"

Couldn't agree more. I have been a long time hater of MS. Crap from the top on down.

I wish Linux had gotten better, but I became disappointed in it and dumped it last year....