Sunday, February 15, 2009

Listen to this one

Yes….I know Bill Moyers stands significantly to the left of most of y’all.  But he is smart as a whip and has some good interviews with folks.  It really is worth your time

Bill Moyers has an interview with former IMF Chief Economist and MIT professor Simon Johnson

or read the transcript


Gather ye marbles said...

Great interview, thanks for posting this. I respect Moyers more and more with passing years. Words to note (quoted from Bernard Sanders): "Any bank that is too big to fail is too big to exist."

treesong said...

I watched the interview and thought it was refreshing to hear someone ask the tough questions and another person at least begin to speak the truth. I especially was interested in what he Simon said about the big banks being broken up.

shiloh1862 said...

if I recall correctly, Moyers is CFR.


Degringolade said...

Shiloh, I told you he was to the left, and yeah, he is CFR. Still is a pretty good interview.