Sunday, February 1, 2009


Why is it that every screaming meemie blue stater, regardless of his politics wants to sneer at watching the superbowl? 

Of course, if you enjoy football, you must be fat and stupid.  (OK OK  I got a gut, I’m 55, I have earned it)

It is so freighted with implied meaning that when you watch it, people accuse you of anything from being a mindless stooge of the corporate masters, to a raging sexist, to a evil zionist.  Sometimes I don’t want to continue my ongoing fretting re: the decline of Western civilization.

I just like to watch good football.

Would you all please shut up and let me enjoy the game.


Dorcas' Daddy said...

You can knock that strawman down all yo want, but some of us Libs will be watching from kickoff to the final snap--enjoy the game.

riverwalker said...

I put up a humorous post about the Super Bowl. Sometimes you just gotta kick back and enjoy life, otherwise what's the use! I'm older than you and I like football also! Football is a great tension and stress releiver from your everyday worries. Got to go and get ready to watch the game.


BTW, I even watch the commercials!