Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can you really ever have….

Too much toilet paper?

I always remember my Mom and my uncles trying to one up each other in the “who really had it bad in the depression” derby.   Listen to this to get a general idea.

One of the big reasons that I pray fervently for the continuation of civilization is the easy access to this luxury item.  Mom and the uncles spoke of their use of Sears catalogs in the outhouse.  As my great-grandmother and grandmother did substantiate this tidbit, it bears a stamp of “very likely the truth”.   Apparently,  there was a strong drive to go for the order pages first, as they were made from flimsy, softer paper that would be lighter in the mail and cost less postage.  The glossy pages were not highly regarded.

But if there is a general breakdown, one of the things that you will have to wrestle with is shortages and absence of a whole bunch of stuff that are essentials currently.  Even if there isn’t a breakdown, you should do routine inventories of your mound of stuff to see what is really needed. 

And pray for the continued financial health of Kimberly-Clark.


Anonymous said...

Save your old phone books.

Mayberry said...

Well, I reckon man survived for thousands, if not millions of years without crapper paper, and we will too... Sure is nice, but not essential. To this day some camel jockeys still wipe their butt with their hand.....