Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a question


So, the constitution has been around for 230+ years.  It has been the centerpiece which is garlanded with slavery, the trail of tears, a good solid crack at colonialism in the Phillipines, manifest destiny, a civil war, one good, one not so good world wars, Vietnam, the current messes in Iraq and Afghanistan, at least 6 or seven major financial crises, Guantanamo Bay, Privateers, carpetbagging, the elections of 2000 and 1876, several invasions of other countries on the sly, Dred Scott, and the Federal Reserve.

So, Why is it that something that has allowed this string of questionable events to occur and flourish is sacred?

Maybe, just maybe, we need a new starting point.

Maybe it is time for a new constitutional convention.


Selous Scout said...

Not with the current group of idiots occupying congress. I can't imagine the mess they would generate.

Anonymous said...

You just crossed the line.

Stephanie in AR said...

It isn't a new constitution we need but a government that actually follows the constitution instead of their interpretation.

Shy Wolf said...

It isn't that the Constitution is flawed- it's those using it to further their agenda and totally ignoring its precepts. On the other hand, it's also the fault of We the People for not holding them responsible for not following it.
So, if anyone is to blame, it's each and every person who calls themself an American.

Mo said...

None of the events mentioned were sanctioned by the Constitution nor do they blemish it. It is/was men that fell short.

Liberty is an anomaly, the ideals of our forefathers ring true today and are probably just as difficult to achieve.

shiloh1862 said...

nah we do not need a new one. we need legislative, executive and judicial embracing to the constitution. and we people need to make sure they stay that way.

though I do think two amendments are in order. 1) one term limit; 2) no Federal deficits